Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Last night the adults sat down for supper (the kids ate before we did) and we put on a movie for the kids. Noah and Halie were sitting on the couch watching it and Austin was walking around playing. All of a sudden I noticed I wasn't hearing anymore noise coming from Austin or the couch - never a good sign. This is what we found in the basement... Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb and completely dismantled the DVD collection and had a great time doing it!

The two of them have had such a great time playing and getting into trouble together! One of them does something, the other one copies it, good or bad. Poor Mickey (the cat) cannot wait for these two hoodlums to leave!

Austin has really come into his own the last few weeks. He is definitely a little boy now, playing with cars, balls, animals, barbie dolls.... :) I think we can blame the last one on having an older sister, lets hope at least! He has started saying tons more words now, it seems there are new ones coming out every day! His first sentence was "I want my daddy", at least that is what it sounded like and he was crying for dad!

This morning we got up early and headed to the horse stables. While we were waiting for our horse to get saddled up we fed some of the other ones carrots. The kids loved it!

Quite the little man, he has now started standing with his hands in his pockets.

Halie taking a ride around the arena on King, our horse for the hour. She was ecstatic about getting to ride him.

Austin was all about riding him too!

The whole fam taking a walk, Halie did a great job leading King around whenever the boys were taking a ride.

Jessica and Noah joined us for the day!

We kind of got in trouble two times during our hour with King. Not on purpose of course... Paul was the first one to get yelled at. Halie wanted the horse to run, so Paul tried to get him to run. Well, we were very loudly told that he is an old horse and isn't allowed to run. Oops! Then Austin didn't want to get on King the second time, so I hopped on with him. King is only a kids horse....no one told us that before. Sorry King.

Altogether we had a great time, apart from Austin screaming the ENTIRE way home. I guess when your almost 2 and decide not to eat your breakfast, you get kind of cranky and hungry after a while!

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