Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 9, 2010

Breckenridge, CO

We made it up to Breckenridge on Saturday afternoon. It has been a pretty low key visit up here, which has been nice. That was all part of the plan of putting Colorado last on the trip, so we could just sit back and enjoy it. So far, so good!
Sunday morning we went to church up here. The church we found was non-denominational or a bible church, not sure which one, but it meets outside in the summer months. It was a neat little service, right next to the river. They had a few baptisms in the river after the service. A few people brought their dogs, Halie got a kick out of that one! I was so surprised to see the number of young people there, it was pretty encouraging from a mothers perspective. They had a lunch fellowship afterwards, so we stayed for that and met a few of the locals.
Monday we headed over to Copper Mountain to visit their Adventure Park. That is what most of the pictures below are from. The kids started out jumping on the trampolines. Halie jumped twice that day, the first time a little more cautiously than the last. By the second time she was doing back flip after back flip after back flip! Austin was reluctant to get on at first. In the first pic of him you can see the blank stare on his face, he eventually let that go and started to smile and threw quite a fit when it was time to get down.

After that we headed over to the Go-Carts. Austin was too small to ride, so Halie and I went for a spin. We didn't win, but we had fun! You can only imagine how upset little brother was that he didn't get to go....

Next we took a ride up the chair lift and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of God's incredible creation!

We saw a few deer on the way.

On the hike down we ran into a couple marmots. They looked like big ground hogs. Halie though that was pretty neat.

Here is us starting to head down the mountain on a trail after getting off the chair lift. See the nice patches of blue sky there in the pic? Well, that is how fast a storm can move in on the mountain, because about 5 minutes after I took this there was a huge lightning strike followed by a very loud thunder clap that Halie did not appreciate, and rain. We hightailed it up the mountain to the lodge to let the storm pass!

After we rode the lift back down after the storm, Dad took Halie to ride the Go-Carts again and Austin and I stayed and played on the playground.

We then played a very abbreviated game of Putt-Putt golf. Papa, I thought you taught her how to hold a club better! I have to admit, there are some things that children show a natural talent for, and Halie has quite a few, but golf does not seem to be one of them!

Austin just had fun holding a club the whole time, every once in a while he would step in and try to hit some one's ball.

Today, Tuesday, we went for an hour and 40 minute bike ride on the incredible biking trails they have here. It was beautiful! It was slightly hilly...so that made for a pretty good workout, that and the fact that there is a heck of a lot less oxygen up here! But we all enjoyed it. After some lunch and a small rest we took a ride up the gondola and hiked down the mountain from there. It was a very enjoyable hike. Halie did great, she went exploring and found a collection of leaves and picked a bouquet of wild flowers for me! We found a small river we had to cross on small log holding a guide wire. Gymnastics paid off! Halie didn't fall in!

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