Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 6, 2010

Colorado Springs

This morning John and Sheila took us out for breakfast at a little cafe near their house. It was great and we ate the biggest pancakes I have ever seen in my entire life! Jessica and Noah are in town right now, so we got to hang out with them all day too. Austin and Noah were having fun looking for the train!

Although they are only one month apart in age, Noah dwarfs Austin! They are having a great time playing with each other. Halie feels like she has gotten another little brother though!

We went for a swim at the YMCA. The kids had a great time. This is Austin playing in one of the lockers in the changing room. Daddy and I both got to take a little time and attempt to swim laps again. It has been a while and it was obvious!

Austin and Sheila playing

Austin and Noah

Halie playing on the big water park.

Tonight after dinner the kids played with bubbles in the backyard. Halie was the expert bubble blower and Austin kept sticking his in his mouth. He wasn't listening and was getting ready to get put in timeout until I went to get him and when he tried to talk, two big bubbles came out of his mouth. He was lucky I couldn't stop laughing and he got out of his punishment! This is a pic of him driving John's Mercedes in the garage.

Halie and Sheila catching bubbles.
We had a great day today. The weather was AMAZING, so was the view of the mountains. I really think we could start to like it here ;)

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