Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 20, 2010

Soccer Debut!

Last week was Halie's first soccer game! She did great! It was so hot, but that didn't stop them from winning!

I am coaching the team, so I have made a return to the game after a 10 yr break! I am having so much fun! Halie is loving the game and I think she has a natural talent for it!
We have a pretty "green" team, only 3 of the 8 have ever played before, so it will be a challenging, exciting season!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Man is 2!!!

Happy Birthday Austin! You are growing up so fast, I can't believe that your second birthday is already here. What a pure joy you are to everyone you are around. Your smile can make almost anyone smile, even on the worst day. That will take you far in life! I can't wait to walk with you for the next 16 years that I have you here with me!
Austin and I had a very wet day today. It just poured and poured all day long and we had a few errands that we had to run, so we just went for it and got wet along the way. But he just kept smiling despite it all!
We had a little birthday celebration for him tonight at home. We had a toddler friendly meal of pizza spins, carrot sticks and grapes. It was a hit!

Dinner was followed by chocolate cupcakes and a wonderful rendition of "happy birthday". I'm not sure if he understood that it was his special day, but he sure smiled alot when we sang to him!

Trying to blow out his candles, I bet you will never guess who was standing at his side trying to give him a candle blowing lesson...

You guessed it! She was a great teacher!

Did he enjoy the cupcake? Yes, definitely.

So did little Missy!

Austin playing on his new present, his very own scooter. He loved it!

There was a tornado in the area tonight so we had the TV on the news so we could watch the weather. The newscaster was announcing the cities that the tornado was predicted to hit and Forney was one of them. Halie freaked out and started crying because that is where Grandpa and Grandma live. We had to call them and talk with them to calm her down and let her know that they were ok. It was really cute. Then, after it passed through Forney it was headed to Rockwall, where her cousin Samantha and Jaxson live. She started to panic again and said, "oh man, we need to call and warn all our friends!" Thank goodness everyone was just fine!

Labor Day Weekend 2010

We got to spend another great weekend up at the lake house. The Stuart's and Lunn's were able to join us for the fun! The weather was incredible so we were outside alot, well, until we discovered the ticks that have come to visit the lake house also! We just lathered them up with bug spray and kept on going! The kids had a great time out on the boat being pulled on the inter tube. All the kids went and had a blast! Here are some pics from the weekend!

Halie and Austin enjoying an afternoon snack on the boat dock.

Austin driving the boat

Camden enjoying the wind in his curly hair!

Halie soaking up the sun

I love to see this smile on my hubby - truly having a good time!

Keira just sitting back and relaxing!

Jax and Caleb taking the first spin on the tube!

Chloe joined the party

Halie and Bec enjoying the ride

Chloe - future model
Camden started off the kiddos!
Keira and Josh going for a ride
Daddy and Austin - what handsome men I have!
The thumb smile...We are working on that one now. The thumb, not the smile!
The kids were exhausted on Sunday night, we put on a movie and got them to bed early with not much of a fight from anyone!
We had a great weekend as always!