Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day in Colorado

This morning we woke up to a wind chill of -43 degrees outside. That is just plain COLD!!! So cold in fact, that school was cancelled in Colorado. So we got to spend a fun day indoors! We started with a nail salon, Halie got her finger and toe nails trimmed and painted. Austin just got his trimmed, although I am pretty sure he would have let me paint them! After that we made our way to the kitchen to make some chocolate chip cookies. The kids are great helpers in the kitchen. Austin has started helping me with dinner most night. He will pull up a little stool and say "me hep, me hep". He has gotten pretty good at setting the table!
And I never let my kids eat raw cookie dough.... :)

Halie learned the skill of dropping cookie dough onto the cookie sheet today. A skill every girl must learn!

While the cookies baked, Halie and I taught Austin how to play Candy Land. Halie was a very good teacher and was very patient with her little brother. He was more interested in the cards than winning.

Austin thoroughly enjoying his cookie!

The finished product. These were my first altitude cookies, and I forgot to read the altitude instructions until the very end. I made a few corrections, but not all the ones they recommend, and they still turned out yummy!

After lunch the kids played barbies and cars.

Halie had her first swim lessons tonight, and I almost didn't take her, but dad acted as chauffeur and dropped us off at the door of the gym and had a warm car waiting for us when we were done. Thanks Dad!
And now the kids are asleep, Dad is studying and I am sitting by the fire warming my toes. We are six days away from having our new house and that is very exciting. We went over there last night to talk with the owners about some things we didn't know how to work. They were so sweet and had a whole list of things they wanted to tell us about too. They are a neat Christian couple, he is actually a retired pastor, and they were telling us that they had been praying for Christians to come and buy their home. They told us that when they build the house, they put pages from and old bible in the foundation with their favorite scriptures on them and they wrote scriptures over the walls before they were painted. The house was built with God in the foundation and that makes it even more special to move into. We promised them that we would keep a Godly legacy going in that house.
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15
One goal that I have in this new house is to have scripture up in as many places as I can. I am such a visual person and seeing the Word as I go through my day helps bring me back down to where I need to be - serving. In the old testament God told his people to put His word on the doorposts of their houses and tied to their foreheads. I think He knew what He was talking about when He said that. Over the last year and a half, it has been amazing to me the power that is in the Bible. I remember at times in my life when people would talk about how they constantly wanted to be reading and learning more about the Word, and I didn't understand it. I wanted to, but I didn't. He has now opened my eyes and heart to that power and it is amazing. The words really are alive and full of life, and bring life! And I think I can firmly say that after a year and a half, this is not some emotional high that I am on, it is real and it is joy. I think that before my hope and my joy in the Lord was based on the fact that I knew He was in control of the world, and in control of my life, and that He loved me enough to die for me on the cross to forgive my sins so I could be with Him in heaven when I died. I never really doubted any of that. What I think I missed was that He came that I might have a full life in Him on this side of heaven too! That in bowing down and willfully submitting to Him out of my LOVE for Him, I would find an incredible amount of joy, a joy beyond myself. Sorry for the tangent, all that to say, the Word will be up in our house. I want it written on the hearts of my family.
The mover will get us in the house one week from tomorrow!!!