Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, August 29, 2010

First week of school

Halie's first week of school was a success! She had a wonderful time and was asking if she got to go back tomorrow at the end of each day. By the last 2 days of the week she had gotten herself up and had her light on in her room at 6:45, 5 minutes before I came in to wake her up. By the end of the week she was pretty tired, but still smiling! This week at school she said they were just learning the rules and making friends. They learned about "self reading", which I assume means she gets a book and looks at it, because she has been very excited about doing this at home. Funny how it was never a very good idea when Mom asked her to go read book! Whatever works....thank goodness for teacher!
We have been able to walk to school almost every morning this week. Halie rides her scooter and we walk. Dad has been able to join us almost every day, so that has been an enjoyable start to our mornings!
While Halie has been at school, Austin and I have had the chance to hang out a little bit more and have some fun together. We had some beautiful weather the other morning, so we took a walk to the park and Austin fed the ducks his cheerios. He loved it!

Another morning we rode bikes and played basketball. The kid LOVES the outdoors, so I have been taking advantage of these nice mornings to get him out!
Yesterday he started to weed eat the inside of the house. He was walking around shirtless to start out with and found the weed eater. Then he walked to the laundry room and demanded dad's yard work hat. He walked around for quite a while doing some important work! He was so proud of himself!

The year is off to a great start. Hopefully next week will be just as great!

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  1. he is so cute!! and halie looks so big in her first day of school pics!! we will be praying for her during school!! love yall!