Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Muskegon, MI

What a crew!!! 10 of the Barstad/Brunworth cousins and second cousins all together for the first time! The rest of the family joined us for the morning yesterday for all the kids to get together and play. Did they have fun? What do you think? Halie was very sad to see her new friend Lilly leave when it was time. We were still missing 5 cousins though, Jeff's and Scott's family. Maybe someday we can get them all together!

Jenny and Zachary

Halie, Lilly and Benson

Uncle Todd, Aunt Rhonda and Kristi.

Paul, Ryan and Uncle Todd being goofballs. Paul and Ryan have hit it off and had a blast. They have Halie, Austin and Mason out in the Jeep driving around with the top down right now!

Halie and Austin riding around in the Hummer. They have two of these little cars and Halie is becoming quite the little driver! Austin is in heaven being driven around!

Austin and Brady

Paul teaching Halie to ride a bike! Her first lesson went great, no major falls. Daddy caught her every time. Today she had lesson #2 and was doing great riding strait, it's the turns that are still getting her, but she is starting to catch on! Go Halie!!!

Ryan and Kristi live about 5 min from the beach of Lake Michigan, so we went there for the evening last night. Again, the kids had a blast and LOVED the water! It was awesome to be at a beach that had clear water! And, no salt!!

Austin wanted to be buried again, he stayed in the sand for about 30 minutes before he would let us take him out.

Once again, all the other kids wanted to be buried too!

Today we are headed out to the pool for the afternoon. The weather here is BEAUTIFUL! Highs in the mid-80's, a breeze, not too much humidity. We are soaking it up!


  1. LOVE all the cousins! I'm so glad you got to visit them. What an awesome memory for your trip!

  2. It looks like so much fun! That was alot of little ones in one place. Grandma loved the pic!