Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lake Huron

This morning we loaded up the cars and headed for a beach on Lake Huron. It was nice to have some calm water for the kids, but this one was a little chillier than the other beaches we have been to! We still had a great time!

Then, of course, we had to get our daily ice cream. If you are what you eat, we will all be ice cream cones by the end of this trip. But Paul is on a mission to find the best ice cream in the country.

Austin didn't enjoy his at all...

Tomorrow is our last day in Michigan. We are headed out toward the West Coast now. We have a pretty fun surprise for Halie tomorrow - she is going to get to see her Nana! I don't think we are going to tell her until she actually sees her, should be great!

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