Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As we were on our 3 day travel stint from Michigan to Idaho, we passed through many, many small towns. The selections of restaurants drastically decreases with the size of the town. In this small town, we were able to find a Perkins. This was Paul's and the kids first time to dine at Perkins, so of course, we had to try a few of the desserts they are famous for. Austin thoroughly enjoyed his chocolate cream pie!

In South Dakota, we were able to stop and visit Mt. Rushmore. Here are a few of the pics from the adventure...

Ice cream in South Dakota.

The soon to be added 5th head at Mt. Rushmore.

On our drive to Couer D' Alene, we stopped in Missoula, MT to eat some lunch. What we found was a whole lot more than just a place for lunch! We went to a park to eat our standard SubWay lunch and started walking down the side walk and this is what we found....
A beautiful river with rapids further down the stream...

A nice cool place to put in our feet...

A carousel that the kids loved!!!

And I forgot to get the pics of Halie eating her first fresh cotton candy and petting the ponies. We spent a few hrs there and then hit the road.
We made it to Couer D' Alene, ID about a few hours later. We stayed with a friend, Kim, that we met on our trip to Israel. She invited us to come stay on our way to Seattle, so we took her up on it. We found a whole lot more than we were expecting!!! This is a pic of Paul, myself and the kids on a bike ride. Paul hooked up our new bike trailer and we hit the trails. They were incredible trails, just for biking and running. Place like this actually exist!!!!!
Here is an incredible shot from the top of a small mountain we hiked up. This is the lake that is in the center of this beautiful town.

After our hike, Kim took us for a swim in the crystal clear lake. The water was crisp, but very refreshing!

Look at this place! This is literally in the middle of the town!

That evening we went to the park downtown for dinner. Austin did not appreciate his sister driving the motorcycle. Other than that they had a great time playing. Halie made a new friend pretty quickly and Paul and I talked with some of the locals to get the run down on the place, we heard nothing but good reports.

Here is Kim and Austin with her pet dragon. The kids thought it was the greatest thing in the world!

Our stay in Idaho was brief, but wonderful. Who would have ever thought that Idaho would spark our interest? Not us, it took us by surprise, so we will see....
We stopped in Spokane, WA on the way to Seattle. Here are some pics from the botanical gardens there.

Take time to stop and smell the roses.

We made it to Seattle by dinner time, took a little walk down to the bay and made our plans for our time here. Hopefully we'll enjoy it this time as much as we did 4 yrs ago!

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