Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our New House!

We bought a new house this week!!! Woohoo! After weeks of looking, we found one that will work great for our family! Here are some shots of it. I have to apologize, I did not get great shots because the online pics of the house are pretty good and I was just trying to make up for some shots that aren't on that site. Once we close, Feb 7th, I'll get some better ones on here. But, until then, here we are!
This is a shot of half of the front of the house.
The front porch that wraps around 3 sides of the house. From the front porch you can see the mountains.
The kitchen, Paul is just imagining the wonderful meals he will be preparing for the family!
This is the formal living/dining area that will be converted into Paul's office. I think the room color will need to be converted as well.
The main level powder room.
One of the kids rooms upstairs.
The other kids room upstairs.
The master bedroom, also upstairs.
A little loft area at the top of the stairs, we will use it as a play area for the kids. The open door to the right is the laundry room.
The living room

The basement
The next two shots are the guest room in the basement

Daddy's garage
The backyard with a little water feature creek running through it. I have no doubt that my son will constantly be wet...oh joy.
The fire pit
The kids little playhouse. Halie can't wait to get it all decorated for tea parties!
So those are all the pics we have so far. Obviously that is not our stuff in it, but we sure are excited to get ours in. We have been so thankful for John and Sheila opening their home to us while we have gone through this process, but we are also very excited to start our new life in our new home! Come on Feb 7th!

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