Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 1, 2010

Robbers Cave, Oklahoma

Last weekend we went camping with a group of friends from church in Robbers Cave, OK. We stayed in cabins, but spent the entire weekend outside. The weather was great, not too hot and no rain! Saturday we went hiking and spent some time by the lake letting the kids just play and run around. We rode paddle boats and fed the largest school of catfish I have ever seen!

Here Austin is giving his cheesy "cheese" smile for the camera!
The kids and Dad climbing and making Mom very nervous!

Snack time! We found out that Austin may not be allergic to peanut butter after all, he ate a Recees Peanut Butter cup on accident and did OK!
Water break.
The Carpenters brought their 9 mo old mastiff, Duke. Austin decided to give him a big hug.
Halie was too busy playing with her friends to join us for a family picture.

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  1. love the camping!!! so much fuN!!! and yea for maybe no peanut allergy??