Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter and other stuff

I love it, these two just made me smile tonight! Sitting on the couch in their PJ's, eating apples after a busy evening of working in the garden with daddy.

Here are some pics from Easter. The easter bunny managed to make it up to the lakehouse. Halie made a "design" with her jelly beans and candy worms.
Austin sneaking in some jelly beans....

Halie caught an amazing catfish with her pink princess pole! She was so excited, but wouldn't get anywhere near it once it was out of the water.

A few pics of Halie's easter egg hunt at school!

The kids and I had a nice day at a park the other day. Austin has become quite the climber these days, it makes parks a little nerve racking!! He has become very good at going down slides. As you can see Halie is a great big sister, always helping Austin out!

She's learning how to go across the monkey bars!

Our sunday school easter egg hunt... Austins first time to go on an egg hunt. They both had a great time, despite the hurricane force winds we had to face!


  1. They make me smile too!!!!

  2. love the pictures by the tree...you need to blow those up and frame them...