Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Visit with Santa!!

We have had the pleasure of having a fun filled family weekend! Finally, our whole family getting to hang out! Glad to have you back daddy! On Friday we took an unforgettable trip to the Heard Museum in McKinney to view what was advertised as an amazing light/dinosaur combo show. The show was slightly less than amazing, lots of standing in line, a few strands of light lighting up a path, I think there were 3 dinosaurs, but they weren't really lit up, so I'm not really sure, a 1 minute hay ride to the top of the hill and a half filled cup of hot chocolate! Oh yea, here is our 15 dollars, thank you very much! We will never forget it and it will be brought up every Christmas for the rest of our lives. Saturday morning Dad went to share the gospel with homeless people (good for him). The kids and I went to the our friends house, the Lunns to decorate Christmas cookies. We used Royal Icing which was new for me. Very cool! You can make some pretty neat looking cookies with that stuff. Thanks Renae!!!! Later that evening, we had some friends over to eat nachos and watch the Cowboys game. 8 children running around this little house was a little noisy, but they had a great time. Austin thinks he is a big boy now, the last 2 days he has begun to follow the older kids around and play wherever they are. Very cute! The toothbrush pic was this morning, couldn't not take it! Today, Sunday, we went to church and went to have lunch with some of our other friends, Eric, Emily, Madi and Mason Gentles. Went to Christina's and had some Mexican food and great fellowship. I looked over and Austin was just starting at Eric with a blank look on his face, when I say staring, I mean staring, would not take his eyes off of him. Eric had just moved the sugar holder that Austin was probably getting ready to dump all over the floor and it appeared that Austin did not appreciate the gesture. Then the bottom lip began to stick out and quiver and Austin began to heave and sob, we have NEVER seen him cry like this. He actually looked like he was hyperventilating and couldn't get a breath and we had to get him out of his high chair! He only wanted Mommy and buried his head into my shoulder and just cuddled for a good five minutes. I couldn't stop laughing. Then finally, we go to visit Santa! Halie had to be gently reminded what she wanted to ask Santa for, a baby doll. Hopefully Santa will be able to hold up his end of the bargain this year. He failed last year, she wanted a baby doll, but got a bike instead. Come on Santa!!! I love that they both smiled in the pic, but there are a few things to be noted. #1 Halies bright pink Crocks. We were not planning a trip to Santa when we left for church and it was not a battle I felt like fighting this morning. #2 Halie is holding a black horse named "Blackie". Not something you want to say to loudly in a public place. This horse is from preschool, named by the class, it gets to come home with one kid over a weekend. Halie got to take her home for the whole Christmas break. She was VERY excited about Blackie. #3 Austin is not wearing knickers! His pants just got all squished up when I put him on Santa's lap. Halie is now with Grandma and Grandpa for a couple days for a little one on one time! Have fun Hales!

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  1. so fun! I love the story about Austin at Cristina's-he's growing up!