Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, Halie said she thought we
would have a white Christmas a few days ago. I laughed at her, obviously thinking there was NO WAY that would happen. 2 nights ago we sat outside on a patio for dinner. But, what did we get??? A white Christmas!! It was an amazing Christmas gift. The first Paul and I could think of since living in Dallas for 24 years. We were able to have a snowball fight on Christmas morning. Santa brought Halie just what she asked for this year. A baby doll that walks, cries, sits down, etc..... She was very pleased. As
for Austin, he will not get another toy from us for a long time. He got a few new toys, ones I thought for sure he would play with and what did the child play with all morning??? The cooking whisk Santa put in his stocking and the new coffee mug that Dad got. He couldn't have cared less about those toys. Grandma Barstad came over and
had breakfast with us, that was a nice treat. I made a blueberry french toast cassarole type thing. It was OK, but not spectuacular. It will not be a new Christmas tradition. Austin loved it, had about 3 pieces. At lunch time we headed over to Richard and Davelyn's house and stayed there all day. The kids had fun opening presents and playing. The grown ups had fun eating and talking. Halie and Samantha dressed up, played barbies, put on a dance, played games with their daddies, all things that little girls love to do. Richard Nash played and played with his new train set, until he decided to steal a piece of Aunt Sarah's choclate cake! I was eating my cake and he was sitting next to me watching me eat my cake. All of a sudden his little hand reached in, grabbed my cake and in 2 seconds, the entire thing was shoved into his mouth! We all got a pretty good laugh out of it. It is so great that the kids have so much fun together! Now, the festivities are over and it is time for bed. 10:00 and Paul is already asleep. Santa stayed up too late last night getting Christmas ready I think! We have a wonderful day of nothing planned for tomorrow. Goodnight-Merry Christmas!!!!!

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  1. you are doing great with the blog. We loved having you guys over on Christmas day! It was very special!!