Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Right now I am 33,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, on our way to Israel. It is 9:30 pm Dallas time (6/17/10), and 5:30 am (6/18/2010) Israeli time. I am somewhere in between. Not tired enough to sleep, but I know when the plane lands in 6 hrs, we are going to have a full day ahead of us. So far the trip has gone well, nothing significant has happened, except the live bug I found in my California roll at the Toronto airport. I was so hungry I went and exchanged the bug sushi for a new one. So far so good……
I have every intention of blogging frequently on this trip. Mostly because if I do not do it daily, I won’t be able to remember all the incredible things we are going to see. But before I start on this trip, I have some catching up to do from the last few weeks at home.
I want to start with my precious kids. It has been about a day that we have been away from them and I miss them already. There are a few kids on this flight, and while I’m enjoying the quiet in my own little world, seeing them makes me miss ours. I have a picture of the two of them as my wallpaper on my computer and it was great to see their smiling faces when I turned it on. In this picture, the two of them are ready for bed, but are sitting on the armchair together, knowing how cute they are being, and knowing that I am enjoying watching them, so they are getting to stay up later. Earlier that evening we had spent some time outside working in the yard. Our hydrangea plant is beautiful this year, we even had some blue blooms on it for the first time. Halie and I have grown a garden for the last few seasons, but have never been too productive. This year I decided to just do a few tomato plants and do nothing but water them. This has been the first season that we have gotten tomatoes. At the last count we have 6 growing! It may have helped that Paul put down a bunch of compost!

We spent a fun weekend at the lake with the Stuarts over Memorial Day Weekend. We spent lots of time in the water and just relaxing. The kids had a great time together, as always!

Halie had her dance recital on June 5th. In the weeks leading up to the recital she was very nervous and said she didn’t want to do it, and didn’t want to continue with dance next year, but after getting all dolled up and getting up there and performing, she decided that dancing was ok and wants to continue with it next year. She looked darling up there in her little costume and makeup. She did a great job!

Next, we had her 5th birthday party! 5 years old, I can’t believe it! We had a few girls over and went to a nail salon so they could get their finger and toe nails painted up. They all had a great time being very girly!!!

I think that hit the highlights from life over the last few weeks. This typing was enough to make me tired, I think I can try to get a little rest before they serve breakfast in a few hours. I figured out a way to get food on a plane and not pay extra for it – take an 11 hr international flight!

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  1. Praying for you on your trip! Checking every day....actually twice a day for new updates!! I am your Blog Stalker!!! Love you Sis!