Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 19, 2010

A little behind...

I have not had a whole lot of time to sit down and write in a week or so. There is so much I have put a mental bookmark on so I would remember to get it in here, we'll see how well my brain is working today.

I help teach Halie's Awana's class at church. We have 14 four and five year olds in the class, 4 of which are girls....you do the math, yes, 10 boys. Awanas is on Wed nights from 6:30-8. I am sure that time works well for the older kids, but for kids this small, who have had a full day already, they are tired and a little wound up all at the same time. Last Wed night was an exceptionally wearing night, they were all crazy and some of them were being very proficient at not minding Amanda (the girl I teach with) or myself. We were in chapel and the kids are suppose to sit on line drawn across the floor with velcro tape (again, not a good idea for four year olds) and listen to the story. They were all in their own worlds, doing their own things, not minding (I don't think I should verbalize what I wanted to do to these kids, they might not let me teach them anymore if anyone from the church would read this!!!) and then it hit me. These are just 14 four year olds who aren't listening. God has to watch every single one of us not listen and do our own things all the time, over and over and over again. And He is still patient, still loves us and has not left us. It is truly amazing. I love how He doesn't ask us to do something He hasn't already done. First thought done.....

On Sunday, Mom, Dad, Paul and I all ran our first half marathon! We all made it! Paul did awesome, ran it in 1hr 48 min. I did it in 1hr 54 min, my goal was under 2 hrs, so that was exciting! Now that I am a few days removed from it I can say it was fun, I didn't really find the fun in it while it was actually happening though. I am not really sure where we ran, I just ran as hard as my body would let me. I am still feeling it. This endurance training is all new to me over the last few months and my body is having to get used to it. It wipes me out for a few days after a long workout like that. Paul took me out for a 40 mile bike ride yesterday. Again, not so much fun. That is the most I have ever ridden, and it makes me realize how much more I need to get out on the road over the next few weeks. I have to squeeze a 56 mi ride in between a mile swim and another half marathon here in 4 weeks. I am beginning to regret my decision to run this race. I am learning how much of this battle is mental and I know that regret is not helping me win this battle. Onto another life lesson. Life is short. As I crossed the finish line of the half marathon, I looked over and saw paramedics doing CPR on a man. It was exceptionally scary because I knew Paul finished ahead of me and I couldn't find him anywhere. I had to go by twice to make sure that the man on the ground wasn't Paul. Praise the Lord it wasn't him. The man did die. He was a healthy 32 year old man who ran the race in 1 hr 47 min with his brother, so he was in good shape. He crossed the finish line, gave his brother high five, went to get a bottle of water and just collapsed. That was it, his time on this earth was done. Very sad, it has gotten me a little down all week. He had a wife and two little girls, 1 and 3 yrs old. It seems there have been constant reminders around me that every day is a truly a gift, but it is amazing how quickly I can forget that.

Austin has really started to become a little boy recently. I looked over the other day and he had gotten out a bunch of plastic animals, had them all set up and was making his version of animal sounds and moving them around. He has moments where he will disappear and actually be playing instead of destroying something. He still does have the moments of destroying things too though.

Both the kids are getting sick. I thought it was just allergies at first, but I'm not so sure now. Austin has had a fever since yesterday. Halie hasn't had a fever, but her cough sounds horrible. I feel sorry for the kids of nurses, mine included. We wait and wait before taking them to the doctor. Any other kid gets taken to the doctor and gets medicine the first day they are sick, my poor kids have to go at least a week before they get anything. Hopefully they'll get better soon!


  1. Such a good object lesson with the 4 year olds...it is so very true Sis. Just a word of encouragement.....you will do great in your Tri. You have one of the hardest work ethics of anyone I know...you always have. If something didn't come easy, you just tried all the harder and ALWAYS succeeded in the end. This will be no exception. On another note, you are the daughter of a nurse....you were sick all the time because of the germs I brought home from Peds. You survived very well and you are healthy at 31! I love you and I am soo proud of you!!

  2. amen to what your mom said!! you are going to do amazing at your tri!! you work so hard and always succeed!! you amaze everyone you know!! congrats everyone on the half!! so exciting!! its just so cool that yall all can do that. woo hoo! love the encouraging words and i def know that God has to tell me to do things a million times because i never listen and am always in my own world!! praise Him for being so faithful!!