Our Family

Our Family

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Kicks & Fairy Tricks

This picture completely captures the difference between boys and girls. Austin has a football and a basketball in his arms. Halie is prancing and dancing down the hallway in fairy wings and a tu-tu.

Austin got some new Crocks for Christmas. Today was a big day, the first day he let me put them on without throwing an all out fit! Our previous attempts have ended with screaming, standing with feet planted to the ground, determined he was not going to walk in them, then when he would walk he lifted each leg very carefully and very high, he reminded me of a show horse doing a high step. But it appears we are now over that hurdle!

Halie, sorry, Fairy Princess Halie got all dressed up today to put on a dance show. I tried to get the video on, but am not quite smart enough to figure that out yet. I'll upload it later if I can learn how. She made me a beautiful invitation, which she is holding, and proceeded to place all her stuffed animals on the couch with Austin and myself as her audience. The girl loves to dance!

The evening ended with a trip to Yogurtville, a new yogurt place close to our house. We were pleasantly surprised by it and will probably be visiting it many more times. You get to pick from many flavors of fat free, but oh so tasty frozen yogurt, then get to pick as many toppings (54 to pick from i think) to put on your yogurt, then you pay for it by the ounce. Like I already said, YUMMMY! They had a cheesecake yogurt that really tasted like cheesecake and it was fat free!!!!

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  1. Yeah for Austin! I want to see one of Halie's performances some time!! They are amazing! We will have to try out the yogurt joint!